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Deloitte In Extenso Technology Fast 50 Eastern France Award

November 19, 2013 - Plant Advanced Technolgies PAT winned the First Prize of the Technology Fast 50 Eastern France 2013 and EnterNext special Prize.

INPI Innovation Award 2010

Novembre 9, 2010 - INPI Innovation Award 2010. Plant Advanced Technologies PAT received a prize among the SME for its ability to innovate and the use of industrial property as growth driver.


9 octobre 2009 - Concours Inovana de l'Innovation dans le domaine des Vanapa. Grand Prix de l'Innovation remporté par Plant Advanced Technologies pour sa technologie PAT Vendredi® dans le domaine des Vanapa (Valorisation Non Alimentaire des Productions Agricoles).

Sénat - Masters 2006

30 janvier 2006. Sénat - Masters 2006. Plant Advanced Technologies SA nominé aux masters 2006.

A dynamic and challenging work environment is provided to the collaborators with real opportunities for advancement. We are always looking for talented individuals. If you are ready to invest with our team, please send your application (cover letter and C.V.) to: contact@plantadvanced.com

Innovact 2006

19 octobre 2006 - Innovact, 11ème édition du forum européen de la jeune entreprise innovante. Prix spécial du jury pour Plant Advanced Technologies PAT pour l'innovation de production PAT plantes à traire®.

Prix Pierre Potier 2006

9 juin 2006 - Première édition du Prix Pierre Potier, « L'innovation en chimie au bénéfice de l'environnement », en partenariat avec la Fédération française des sciences pour la chimie. Plant Advanced Technologies PAT récompensée dans la catégorie « nouveaux procédés », pour ses « Plantes à traire » qui constituent une nouvelle technologie pour la production d'actifs végétaux de haute valeur.


Offre d’emploi CDI, statut cadre
Lieu de travail dans nos serres, près de Lunéville (40 km de Nancy - 54).

Consultez l'offre détaillée de Responsable Horticole >


22 juin 2006 - Concours Entreprendre en Lorraine, par Promotech. Premier Prix dans la catégorie « développement d'entreprise » pour Plant Advanced Technologies SA.

Concours Tremplin Entreprise 2005

6-7 juillet 2005 - Concours Tremplin Entreprise 2005, co-organisé par le Sénat et l'Essec. La technologie « plantes à traire® » récompensée dans la catégorie « sciences de la vie ».


23 juin 2005 - Lauréat du Concours national d'aide à la création d'entreprises de technologies innovantes, en partenariat avec Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche. Plant Advanced Technologies SA récompensé par le Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche.


You are a student in Masters Degree in life sciences or chemistry looking for a rich educational experience, we have the opportunity to recruit students to achieve long internships in our laboratories. 

Note that the number of places available is limited.


Majority of equity of Plant Advanced Technologies SA is hold by the 3 founders (Jean-Paul FEVRE, Pr. Eric GONTIER, pr. Frédéric BOURGAUD).

More than 300 private investors have joined the company in 2009 during the first round of capital raising.

The company is opening its equity to selected private funds or individuals to support its development and research effort.
Plant Advanced Technologies PAT SA is an innovative company eligible for FCPI investments in France;
For French fiscal resident 75% tax reduction on Wealth Tax (ISF) (max €50,000 investment).


PAT SA objectives are to :
  • Provide new and eco-friendly solutions for the production of plant extracts from protected or endagered species.
  • Discover and develop new active principles from plants.
  • Produce therapeutic recombinant proteins though an innovative molecular farming platform.
In one word : Create velue for our clients though environment friendly technologies.

Management / Team

The company was founded by two researchers with large experience in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, Pr. Eric Gontier and Pr. Frédéric Bourgaud, who developed the PAT Plant Milking® technology at INPL-INRA laboratory in Nancy, and by Jean-Paul Fèvre, former seeds Research Directo at EURALIS Group.


PLANT ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES SA is a spin-off of INPL-ENSAIA (Institute of Technology) of Lorraine in Nancy, in France. The privately owned company was founded in July 2005 by Pr. Frédéric Bourgaud, Pr. Eric Gontier, both INRA-INPL specialists on plants secondary metabolites and biotechnology, and Jean-paul Fèvre, former seeds Research Director in EURALIS Group.

PAT project received support from :

  • OSEO-ANVAR, French National Agency for Research Valorisation through university transfer technology subsidies.
  • The Valorisation Office of INL, Nancy.
  • INPL-ENSAIA, Nancy, Technology Valorisation Office and hosting laboratory.
  • INRA-Transfert, Paris.
  • INCUBATEUR LORRAIN, regional start-up nursery in Nancy. It helps private entrepreneurs to build-up start-up from public research activities.
  • The Lorraine Regional Council, Metz (PRCE).
  • TOTAL Group, the multinationla energy company (help to start-up).
PLANT ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES SA rents INPL-ENSAIA greenhouse and phytotron to develop its research. Another larger greenhouse in the sourroundings of Nancy is setup to develop the production pilot.


Plant Advanced Technologies PAT is a NYSE Euronext registered company since July 2009 (ISIN FR0010785790):
  • more than 2,400 shareholders
  • majority shareholders = the three co-founders of the company.

See the share value - NYSE Euronext Paris.



  • PLANT ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES PAT was founded in 2005 in Nancy taking advantage of a new technology, PAT plant milking®, originated from the University of Lorraine (INPL-INRA, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine). The three co-founders of the company are Jean-Paul Fèvre, President and CEO, Pr. Frédéric Bourgaud, Vice-President Research and Pr. Eric Gontier.
  • From 2005, PAT has developed new proprietary technologies such as PAT Friday®, an innovative platform for the production of recombinant proteins in the liquid of carnivorous plants. 
  • Later in 2009 PAT has registered in the Paris NYSE Euronext's equities market (ISIN FR0010785790). The firm has raised 2 millions euros in 2 years. Currently Plant Advanced Technologies PAT has over 2,400 shareholders.
  • Then in 2010 PAT took over a company specializing in custom-made synthetic chemistry (Synthelor). This encouraged a diversification of the competences in the enterprise as this chemistry is a complementary activity to produce and optimize active plant extracts.
  • Afterwards the first industrial production contract has been completed for a worldwide cosmetic group in 2012, for the supply of an innovative and polyactive anti-ageing Exudactive®.


  • Now PAT employs 25 people, half of whom are part of the Research department.
  • 4 hectares of greenhouses were recently acquired in Lorraine (France) to meet the customers' growing demands in innovative natural extracts. Thus the research and production area grows in 2014, as well as R&D and production investments. 

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