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Target Binding® technology simplifies and speeds up identification process of active compounds (hits) in complex mixtures.

Target Binding® is aimed at finding the ligands that bind to the protein targets of interest (such as enzymes). Target Binding® was developed to become a quick and easy alternative to the time-consuming and laborious bioassay-guided fractionation. 

The approach Target Binding® enables to find the metabolites (hits) having the activities of key importance for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agrochemical industry.



Ligands are identified in 2 hours and are characterized directly by mass spectrometry.


Shorter analysis time and lower sample/protein consumption in comparison with bioassay-guided fractionation.


No need of enzymatic assays.

Discover our Semi-Quantitative Target Binding® for ranking ligands according their affinity to the protein target after just a single experiment!

Target Binding® is a complete screening solution for a wide range of protein targets, such as serine proteases, matrix metalloproteinases, tyrosinase and non-enzymatic proteins.

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