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Around 450,000 species of higher plants are generally estimated to exist, and only a limited number of these have been seriously investigated. As a result, the plant kingdom is usually recognized as one of the most diverse and abundant sources of potentially active compounds.

Roots are the richest part of plants, yet widely unexplored. PAT’s innovative technology opens up new fields: PAT Exudactive®* is a sustainable sourcing solution to produce your exclusive, personalized Exudactive®. More concentrated and more active extracts are produced through plant stimulation and gentle living-root exudation, while preserving plants. Root exudation is a non-destructive process that harvests the same plants several times a year.

*Patents owned by Plant Advanced Technologies PAT SA #FR3756056 – WO2018054704
*Trademark registration number 1415939​

We aim to:

  • Explore and enhance the phytochemical profiles of rare species
  • Revisit popular plants
  • Exploit botanical biodiversity while still protecting it

Custom-made natural actives

PAT designs a new generation of plant extracts that are more active and have more ethical sourcing: Exudactive®. PAT Exudactive® produces customized botanical extracts. This innovative technology is a sourcing solution that gives access to exclusive high-value compounds from roots:

  • We create the desired active, in a natural, efficient and differentiating way
  • We provide solutions that meets customers’ needs:
    • Exploring a plant of interest
    • Looking for interesting species having a specific active compound available in their roots
    • Investigating plant species with a targeted biological activity 
  • We guarantee constant product quality through our management quality and expertise 
  • No limit for your Exudactive®


Complete control

PAT offers a complete, traceable production solution, from the plant to the final active.

Brand new collection of actives

Since 2016, PAT offers innovative active extracts. Contact us for more information ( – Suject: Collection of product)


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