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The aim of the three-year BRYOFLAM project is to discover new active molecules of plant origin to combat inflammatory diseases of the skin, central and peripheral nervous system and intestine…



The InnCoCells project aims to revolutionise the way scientifically validated cosmetic ingredients are discovereddeveloped and produced. It is a 4-year collaborative research project, bringing together the varied skills and expertise of 17 partners from 11 countries in Europe…



PsoriaCure is a high-level collaborative research programme that forms part of the European Union’s Eurostars innovation programme. The international consortium at the heart of the programme is led by Temesis, the pharmaceutical subsidiary of Plant Advanced Technologies PAT…



The BioProLor 2 project is a collaborative research programme aimed at discovering new active biomolecules from plants, developing innovative products and bringing them to market in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and nutraceutical sectors. The complementary expertise of the project partners (5 SMEs and 2 academic laboratories) will enable …



In order to extend its capacity to study terrestrial plant biodiversity, PAT set up a subsidiary on Réunion Island in 2015, accompanied by the construction of a research greenhouse which will be operational in mid-2018. This subsidiary, called PAT Zerbaz (medicinal plant in Creole), will benefit from the …



PAT is taking part in the BioPiper collaborative programme, the aim of which is to develop biocontrol products derived from a plant that is emblematic of Réunion…



TerpFactory, launched in mars 2014, is the fisrt LabCom in plant biology that regroups the Strasbourg IBMP (Plant Molecular Biology Institut) and the PAT company.

This LabCom is a strong public-private partnership that helps accelerate both entity’s innovation and efficiency.



[Finished project] BIOPROLOR is a Lorraine project coordinated by PAT Plant Advanced Technologies and gathering 13 academic and private partners since 2010.

With a 3-year budget of 6,3 million euros, supported by the Lorraine region, this collaborative and ambitious project…




[Finished project] SmartCell is a European level program gathering 14 of the main European research institutes, 3 SME (including PAT) and 2 large industrial companies.



[Finished project] SAARLBIOTEC is a cross-regional project gathering 5 industrial and academic partners from Sarre and Lorraine region.



The InnCoCells project aims to revolutionise the way scientifically validated cosmetic ingredients are discovered, developed and produced.
It is a 4-year collaborative research project, bringing together the varied skills and expertise of 17 partners from 11 countries in Europe, including academic institutes, SMEs and industrial partners, NGOs and sectoral organisations such as Cosmetic Valley.


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