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Since 2016, PAT is a member of the VEGEPOLYS competitiveness cluster that regroups companies, research and education centers from the plant sector to gather around innovative projects in order to reinforce their competitiveness. Learn more on


The plant chemistry association, who’s missions are the sector’s promotion and representation as well as the bio sourced products control, is the actor of plant chemistry’s representative organization. It supports and accelerates the development of a sustainable chemistry based on the use of plant resources in Europe and France.


The PASS competitiveness cluster (Perfumes Aromas Scents Savours) is based on vertical integration logic. It is composed of the entire value chain of the sector, historically present in the whole region, since the perfumed and aromatic plants culture to the aromatic ingredients production and their introduction in finished products.
These aromatic ingredients aim four major market industrial fields: perfumery, cosmetic products, detergent and agribusiness.


QUALITROPIC is the only DOM tropical bio economy pole. It’s an exchanging, opening, launching project, an innovation-accelerating place! It also is an independent entity that federates different actors, with a majority of companies, focused on the same thematic: the tropical bio economy, in order to reach performance, development, economic and competitive goals.

PAT Zerbaz was able to receive a public funding by earning the Qualitropic label.

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