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Despite its unique qualities as a product and its high demand, palm oil has a mixed reputation. If produced unsustainably, it can have negative impacts – on the environment, on wildlife and on human rights. The aim of the RSPO – Roundtable on sustainable palm oil – is to make palm oil sustainable.

The RSPO, an international association set up in 2004, promotes the use of palm oil from sustainable agriculture in all sectors of the supply chain (cosmetics, food), bringing together its many stakeholders (producers, retailers, etc.) to develop sustainable practices and help make palm oil a force for good. When palm oil is produced sustainably, it has positive social, economic and environmental impacts.

PAT has decided to join this global partnership in 2021 to help make palm oil more sustainable in the industry. As an RSPO member, we support the association’s actions and commitments and participate in:

  • A SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL IMPACT: helping millions of smallholders to live and work; providing long-term livelihoods for farmers and producers, thereby reducing poverty among people; treating workers and the communities where production takes place fairly and with respect, through good working conditions and ethical business practices;
  • A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: helping to stop the domino effect of deforestation, by protecting and managing forests with High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) areas; positive impact on climate change by proactively protecting carbon storage and reducing their carbon emissions.

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QUALITROPIC is the only DOM tropical bio economy pole. It’s an exchanging, opening, launching project, an innovation-accelerating place! It also is an independent entity that federates different actors, with a majority of companies, focused on the same thematic: the tropical bio economy, in order to reach performance, development, economic and competitive goals.

PAT Zerbaz was able to receive a public funding by earning the Qualitropic label.

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