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PAT is a plant biotechnology company producing rare new actives dedicated to cosmetic, pharmaceutical and agrochemical markets.

PAT develops exclusive solutions that:

  • Offer innovative and differentiating products with high added value.
  • Extend the frontiers of plant “sourcing” so that rare compounds can be produced industrially while preserving plant biodiversity.
  • Are complete and controlled all the way from the plants to the final product.
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Both active ingredients Prenylium™ and Rootness™ Energize, resulting from PAT & Clariant partnership, already collect several awards in 2020

  Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, October 9, 2020   Both active ingredients Prenylium™ and Rootness™ Energize, resulting from the PAT & Clariant partnership, already collect several [...]

PAT investigates anti-SARS-CoV-2 properties of its molecules

Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, April 16th 2020, In the current pandemic context, PAT announces the initiation of preliminary tests against the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19) for two [...]

Creation of Cellengo, PAT’s subsidiary specialized in microbial fermentation

Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, 2020 March 6th, Plant Advanced Technologies PAT announces the creation of its subsidiary Cellengo, 100% owned, after important breakthroughs in the development [...]

Best wishes 2020

  Best wishes from PAT's teams for this international year of plant health. A great theme for our 15 years of respectful innovation [...]

PAT launches a new bio-herbicide discovery program awarded under the Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir III

Plant Advanced Technologies PAT announces the allocation of exceptional funding by the office of Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, as part of the national [...]


A fresh look at plant extraction

PAT’s innovative technology opens up new fields: PAT plant milking®* is a sustainable sourcing solution to produce your exclusive and personalized Exudactive®. More concentrated and more active extracts are produced through plant stimulation and gentle living-root exudation, while preserving plants.

We aim to:

  • Explore and enhance the phytochemical profiles of rare species
  • Revisit popular plants
  • Exploit botanical biodiversity while still protecting it


PAT Target Binding®

Fish your hits

Target Binding® technology simplifies and speeds up identification process of active compounds (hits) in complex mixtures.

Target Binding® is aimed at finding the ligands that bind to the protein targets of interest (such as enzymes).
Target Binding® was developed to become a quick and easy alternative to the time-consuming and laborious bioassay-guided fractionation.


Making carnivorous plant produce recombinant proteins

The PAT company invented a new recombinant protein expression system using natural protein excretion system of genetically modified carnivorous plants to produce outside their leaf (Drosera), in a sterile closed pitcher (Nepenthes), the protein of interest in a liquid. Collect of the protein is easy as emptying the pitchers on the plants.

Projets collaboratifs


Le projet BioProLor 2 est un programme collaboratif de recherche dont l’objectif est la découverte de nouvelles biomolécules actives issues de plantes, le développement de produits innovants et leur mise sur le marché dans les domaines pharmaceutiques, cosmétiques et nutraceutiques. Les expertises complémentaires des partenaires du projet (5 PME et 2 laboratoires académiques) permettent d’aller de la plante au candidat médicament.



Afin d’étendre sa capacité à étudier la biodiversité végétale terrestre, PAT a créé en 2015 une filiale sur l’Ile de la Réunion qui [...]


PAT participe au programme collaboratif BioPiper dont l’objectif est le développement de produits de biocontrôle issus d’une plante emblématique de La Réunion de la famille des pipéracées…



TerpFactory, launched in mars 2014, is the fisrt LabCom in plant biology that regroups the Strasbourg IBMP (Plant Molecular Biology Institut) and the PAT company.

This LabCom is a strong public-private partnership that helps accelerate both entity’s innovation and efficiency…



BIOPROLOR is a Lorraine project coordinated by PAT Plant Advanced Technologies and gathering 13 academic and private partners since 2010.

With a 3-year budget of 6,3 million euros, supported by the Lorraine region, this collaborative and ambitious project…



SAARLORBIOTEC is a cross-regional project gathering 5 industrial and academic partners from Sarre and Lorraine region…



SmartCell is a European level program gathering 14 of the main European research institutes, 3 SME (including PAT) and 2 large industrial companies…



Jean-Paul Fèvre

Président / CEO

The plant platforms we elaborate enables to rationalize and industrialize the discovery and production of very rare plant molecules unlike the traditional destructive techniques. It offers unmatched perspectives for the detection and exploitation of new plant molecules unreachable so far.

President’s word


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