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launch of our newsletter


🗓Today we launch our first Client Newsletter.

A long-standing project that is now coming to reality thanks to the enthusiasm of our customers and the commitment of the team members.
On the program you will discover in each issue:
– Our scientific news
– Focus on our subsidiaries and our employees
– Information on our collaborative projects
– Our 3 cornerstones: CSR, One Health and our scientific and technical expertise
– Our new offers and products

…And even more in each newsletter
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development of our customized offer 



✅Discover our offers for the development of customized active ingredients with:

  • PAT Plant Milking Technology® dedicated to the production of molecules from the roots of living natural plants:

100% customization: Collaboration on exclusive projects using the species or molecules of your choice

Faster Customization: Collaboration on exclusive projects from species or molecules already started by PAT.

  • The concept of Augmented Naturality®: two innovative and sustainable ways to produce potent molecules with high biological potential, thanks to white biotechnology and green chemistry, with total traceability and limited use of plant resources.

We use biotechnology to Source the Unsourceable® in a sustainable way. Our strength at PAT is to provide innovative, effective and responsible solutions, driven by our scientific expertise, in order to meet the global health challenges of our time.


â–¶For more information, send your request to the following e-mail box:

Our co-developed products 

With our partner Clariant Active Ingredients


Our co-developed products with Clariant and manufactured with Plant milking technology are still available !
Discover or rediscover Prenylium™, Rootness™ Energize and more active ingredients in the Premium Root Power range.  

News from the greenhouse 



Spring means action in the greenhouse!
This is the season in which our greenhouse regenerates with the energy and expertise of our horticultural teams. Sowing, planting or cuttings are on the agenda. These weeks our teams were starting to transfer plants in aeroponics.


Some pictures by clicking 👉

Labotanique starts its 2022 tour in France!



We welcomed the group in our aeroponic greenhouse last year to shoot our first creative webinar.
An original collaboration that combines music and science for a unique result.

👈To watch the video click here 

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