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5 March 2021

Adhesion of PAT at IAR : THE French bioeconomy cluster

“Innovation is part of PAT’s DNA” declared Jean-Paul Fèvre, CEO of the company during the interview by the IAR cluster. We have always been actively involved in several scientific partnerships in different fields, whether in cosmetics (for the discovery of new active biomolecules from plants), or plant protection (through a project to discover new bio-herbicides). And this year we had the opportunity to join the IAR cluster.

But,what is IAR? IAR is THE French reference cluster in bio-economy, recognized for supporting and strengthening its members in competitiveness and industrialization. While promoting the bio-economy sector and its members, it creates a unique ecosystem in the world, based on a circular bio-economical model. This model is efficient and resilient, it aims to reduce inputs at all levels by optimizing resources and their use in successive cycles. It is a key driver in innovation in the sector of bio-economy, whether in France, Europe or internationally. 

By joining the IAR cluster, PAT will benefit from the cluster’s business network composed of more than four hundred members, but will also be able to meet new partners and complementary expertise in the sector of bio-economy. Moreover, the cluster has a technological watch from which PAT will benefit as well as services aiming at strengthening our ability to compete through innovation !

Joining the IAR cluster is a real opportunity for us to develop new innovative projects in our field. A new adventure can begin, stay connected !

For more information : IAR Cluster 


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