The InnCoCells project aims to revolutionise the way scientifically validated cosmetic ingredients are discovered, developed and produced.

It is a 4-year collaborative research project, bringing together the varied skills and expertise of 17 partners from 11 countries in Europe, including academic institutes, SMEs and industrial partners, NGOs and sectoral organisations such as Cosmetic Valley.

The project is part of Horizon 2020, a European funding programme that aims to develop Europe’s competitiveness in research and innovation. The research is therefore funded by the European Commission, with a total budget of €7.9 million.

The collaborative project aims to use innovative plant-based production processes that will meet strong environmental protection and resource saving requirements.

In this project, PAT brings its expertise in aeroponics, extract production and phytochemistry to the development of new cosmetic ingredients in a sustainable way. Its subsidiary Straticell, in vitro efficacy studies specialist for skin care products, will also be involved in this project.

More information on the project and the partners here
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