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29 April 2022

World Intellectual Property Day – PAT

Tuesday April 26, 2022 was the World Intellectual Property Day, with this year’s theme: “Intellectual property and youth: innovating for a better future”. An opportunity for us to highlight the IP strategy within the PAT group .


First of all, what is intellectual property?


It protects the fruits of innovation of new products and technologies so that the company can prosper. Intellectual property consists of tools such as patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. These means of protection allow creators to gain recognition and a benefit, which may be financial, from the exploitation or dissemination of their inventions or creations. The intellectual property system reconciles the rights and interests of the various stakeholders in order to foster an environment where creativity can flourish. Intellectual property plays a key role in the implementation of 4 strategies:

  • The licensing strategy: allows the company to rent these patents,
  • The cooperation strategy: allows the company to create a partnership with another company and to create a shared patent, one can also set up a cross-license,
  • The defensive strategy: allows to protect a patent with the acquisition of a monopoly of exploitation,
  • The offensive strategy: highlighting the existence of the patent and the desire to assert its rights,


Intellectual Property at PAT’s Group:


For us, intellectual property plays a major role in the company’s development. It plays a role in protecting our innovation and in promoting it in order to extend its influence internationally. Intellectual property is an integral part of the group’s DNA. The first patent that allowed the creation of our company is the PAT milking plant® patent, which was registered in 1999.

Today, there are 2 priority applications in progress, 48 patents issued and 19 patent extensions in progress that our Intellectual Property & Legal Manager, Carine GUILLET-CLAUDE, is following. In all, there are 69 applications or titles that must be managed and followed in more than 19 countries.

Intellectual property, a strategic tool in a group such as PAT, always working on providing innovative, effective and responsible solutions to meet the global health challenges of our time.

To learn more about intellectual property, please visit the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) website.


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