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12 October 2022

Cosmetics & Biotechnologies, article in Cosmetic Insight

Cosmetics & Biotechnologies (2/4) – The Green Biotechs (1st Part): Towards Another Agriculture by Frédérique Portolan (French article)


Frédérique PORTOLAN, founder and director of Natur Insight, a French consulting firm, published a rich and comprehensive article on responsible farming methods on 21 September.


This article is divided into four main chapters: the first, which serves as an introduction and background, presents the history of agriculture. It explains how agriculture began 12,000 years ago and its place in the age of urbanisation.


In the second part, Ms PORTOLAN presents the three different types of indoor farming: hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics. The article then focuses on “vertical farming“, a practice that consists in producing plants vertically on substrates, fed with nutrients by water that circulates in a closed circuit.


The third point deals with aeroponics 2.0 through our technology: PAT Plant Milking®. The advantages and disadvantages of the method are detailed, while emphasising its ecological and responsible aspect. This section also includes a history of Plant Advanced Technologies’ progress.


Finally, this article concludes the topic by summarising the technologies discussed and announces the subject of the next article: other biotechnologies that exploit cell cultures.


> To read the full article (which we highly recommend), follow this link:

> And find it in PDF here:


Thanks again to Frédérique PORTOLAN, for her very enriching article and her sharing of advances in the field of biotechnology.


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