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25 January 2024

CSR commitments rewarded with ECOVADIS 2024 Gold Award

PAT has been awarded the EcoVadis 2024 Gold Medal in recognition of the company’s commitment to social responsibility and its sustainable development performance.


Since 2021, the PAT Group has chosen to assess its CSR performance with ECOVADIS, the global standard for corporate CSR assessments. After winning bronze in 2021 and silver in 2022, PAT Group has now been awarded gold.


For Laurence OUDIN, QHSE Manager and CSR officer: «This new medal is the result of the work of all our employees, and also of the involvement of the CSR Committee – made up of members of the Management Committee and volunteer employees – which has helped us to accelerate several key topics and achieve Gold. As QHSE manager, this is a real source of pride and recognition for the work we’ve done. »  


Inclusion in the top 5% of the best companies in terms of CSR

The company is now one of the top 5% of companies with the best CSR performance in its sector, as assessed by EcoVadis. Its overall score has risen by 38% in two years – to 72/100. This improvement is due to a coherent CSR strategy, which has earned the company the Gold Medal.

Improvement in the Group’s CSR performance

  • PAT has made significant progress in the environmental pillar, improving its score by 60% in two years, from 50 to 80 out of 100.
  • On the social pillar, the Group has maintained a high score of 70 out of 100, and has put in place measures to promote employee health and safety, as well as skills development.
  • Responsible purchasing is also a strong point, with the score rising from 50 to 70 out of 100, thanks in particular to its rigorous policy of sourcing plant genetic resources for its R&D. More generally, thanks to the commitment of management, four complementary corporate policies are in place, with performance measures and indicators covering a wide range of governance issues.


Strong and sustainable commitments

PAT’s CSR commitments go beyond the requirements of Ecovadis. They also apply to development, production and the products we offer.


  • In terms of production, PAT has always favoured biocontrol and the use of natural products to combat insects and pests. The Group obtained the High Environmental Value (HVE) label 3 years ago, attesting to the environmental performance of its farming.
  • In terms of development, the Group is going even further by integrating the protection of biodiversity into its product development strategy and its purchases of genetic resources.
  • In terms of sourcing, the PAT Group is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an association which promotes the production of sustainable palm oil. PAT contributes to this initiative by certifying 7 of its products RSPO MB (Mass balance) since March 2023.


CSR, a response to commercial and social challenges


Social and environmental responsibility has been at the heart of PAT’s DNA since its creation. The Group is committed to sustainable development and thus meets the expectations of its various stakeholders:


  • Customers are increasingly demanding when it comes to CSR. They want products and services from responsible companies that respect the environment and social rights. PAT responds to these expectations by implementing concrete actions, such as the use of sustainable and natural production methods or the promotion of diversity and inclusion.
  • Investors and shareholders are increasingly sensitive to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria. “Sustainable” finance is very promising and a guarantee of investment security.
  • Employees: the Group’s CSR policy is a motivating factor for its employees, as it allows them to invest in a company that is concretely committed to sustainable development. It is also an asset for recruitment, helping to improve your employer brand.


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