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24 November 2023

HydraQueen Exudactive® launch: first active ingredient in PAT’s plant-derived cosmetic range

PAT is proud to announce the official launch of its first active ingredient, HydraQueen Exudactive®*, and of the upcoming cosmetic range under its new commercial strategy initiated in the second quarter of 2023.


Active properties demonstrated around skin barrier mechanisms
HydraQueen Exudactive® is a moisturizing active ingredient that restructures the skin barrier, as well as an antipollution and energizer ingredient. It has also demonstrated antioxidant & anti-radical activities (based on in vitro and in vivo biological efficacy tests).
This natural-based ingredient is derived from Spiraea ulmaria – also known as Meadowsweet – which is a traditional European medicinal plant known for its numerous biological properties.


An original root active derived from PAT expertise
Exudactive®** technology allows easy access to the roots of Spiraea ulmaria, under controlled and optimzed conditions, leading to responsible sourcing and production of agrimoniin – the molecule titrated in this ingredient.
Agrimoniin is an original active compound discovered for the first time in the plant – particularly abundant in roots cultivated and stimulated in PAT aeroponic systems.
The combination of know-how led to 96-fold more active compounds produced over the course of a plant’s lifetime compared with a soil-grown plant. This method of cultivation therefore limits the impact on agricultural land.

A sustainable sourcing and production supply chain that meets customer requirements
HydraQueen Exudactive ingredient is manufactured in France, with a fully controlled and traceable production supply chain from seed to active ingredient, on our own site. All our plants are sourced in accordance with the current Nagoya Protocol, which aims to protect the world’s biodiversity. Our ingredients are COSMOS, RSPO MB and ISO 16128-100% natural origin compatible.


A collection of active ingredients under construction – already available
Other pre-launch ingredients, such as those derived from Rhus chinensis and Equisetum hyemale, are already available to customers and follow the same principles for the whole range: concentrated in highly active root molecules, while offering different cosmetic benefits.


*trademark Registration number 1415939
** patent WO2018054704


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