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17 November 2023

InnCoCells project video no. 3 about Commercialisation

The InnCoCells project, “Innovative high-value cosmetic products from plants and plant cells” is a Horizon 2020 project launched in 2021 aiming to develop innovative plant-based production processes for the commercial exploitation of scientifically validated cosmetic ingredients using profitable and sustainable cell cultures, aeroponic cultivation, and greenhouse/field cultivation.

This is the third video in its series of six videos explaining how the project’s innovative cosmetic ingredients will eventually be included in cosmetic products that consumers can buy.
All video clip have been produced by the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) to provide more information about the project from the perspective of the people working on it.

Video 3: Discover in this video how the InnCoCells project addresses the issue of commercialising the work of the InnCoCells partners in its pursuit of developing 10 innovative ingredients scientifically proven for cosmetics use, amongst others.

All previous videos are available on the InnCoCells website

  • InnCoCells video 1 – introduction of the project and interviews of the project leaders
  • InnCoCells video 2 – interviews with InnCoCells researchers, explaining how the project will benefit consumers by focusing on sustainability and efficacy.

Next one will deal with ‘Scientific Progress at the half-way stage’ to maintain momentum and profile for the InnCoCells project.

InnCoCells video 3 Commercialisation, October 2023


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