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24 November 2022

InnCoCells podcast with Frédéric Bourgaud

What is the impact of aeroponic cultivation ?
Frédéric Bourgaud explains everything you need to know in this InnCoCells podcast 👇

Interviewed by Richard Twyman (TRM, UK), Frédéric Bourgaud, our Research and Innovation Director, begins by explaining what aeroponics is and what its advantages are. Richard also wonders about the constraints of this type of cultivation and whether all plants can adapt to it. Frédéric explains how the selection is made and what external constraints are involved. 

This podcast also tells us about PAT‘s role in the InnCoCells project, and the importance of research (especially with European projects) within the company. 

Richard also asks Frédéric about his background, from his training as a researcher and his work at university to the creation of PAT and his move into the company on a 100% basis.

Finally, the podcast ends with Frédéric’s ambitions for the PAT group and the InnCoCells project.


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