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9 August 2023

Publication on bryophytes 🌿

Discovering where no one else is looking, that’s the PAT mission. And it often comes with its share of encouraging discoveries for the future!

This is what Raíssa Volpatto Marques, Frédéric Bourgaud, Sissi Miguel and Aleksander Salwinski discovered when studying bryophytes. They have published the results of their research in the chapter “Extracts from the Liverwort Bazzania trilobata with Potential Dermo-cosmetic Properties” in the book “Bioactive Compounds in Bryophytes and Pteridophytes”.

This is a book from the “Reference Series in Phytochemistry” book series. This book contains comprehensive contributions compiled by expert scientists and researchers in the field.

It brings together studies of bioactive compounds for their nutritional, biological, pharmacological and ecological effects in 2 plant families:

  • bryophytes (mosses, liverworts and anthoceroses)
  • pteridophytes (ferns, horsetails, lycopods…)

This research is the fruit of a collaboration between PAT, the University of Lorraine and the Tehchnical University of Denmark, as part of the European Mosstech project.
Our project #MossTech was made possible thanks to #H2020 #InvestEUresearch! #Moss

Remember 🔔
PAT recently announced the creation of the BRYOFLAM consortium around bryophytes, which aims to find ways to combat inflammatory pathologies of the skin, central and peripheral nervous system and intestine!

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